Our network of doctors provide the highest quality in eye care. All of our doctors specialize in emerging technologies so they remain at the forefront of advancements in eye care. While these expert surgeons focus on medical and surgical eye care, we also have an Affiliate Newtork of optometrists in the area for routine eye care needs.

Raphael Addiego, M.D.
Vitreoretinal Specialist
Retinal surgery is rapidly evolving with new treatments for conditions that were untreatable only a few years ago. I do my best to answer all of my patients questions so leave our office feeling fully confident in the quality of care they have received.
David L. Bejot, O.D.
I became an optometrist because I truly have great satisfaction in helping others. Most everyone will agree that sight is one of the most valued senses of the human body.
Jonathan M. Bernstein, M.D.
Vitreoretinal Specialist
I was attracted to ophthalmology and more specifically to the field of retina-vitreous surgery because it encompasses a unique combination of medicine and microsurgery which I find fascinating.
Ronald N. Brown Jr., M.D.
Cataract & Refractive Specialist
I turned to ophthalmology as a way to help people, one at a time, while using my science and engineering background in what I feel is the most technologically advanced specialty in all of medicine.
Angela M. Cumming, O.D.
Procedures Performed: Glaucoma Treatment, Clinical Director specializing in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Treatment of Ocular Disease, Cataract Co-management, and Laser Vision Correction Co-management
Paul H. Ernest, M.D.
Cataract & Refractive Specialist
I ultimately chose ophthalmology because it is an area wherein I can utilize my interest in science and devices to perform minute detailed procedures. I can also help patients achieve restoration in their vision with positive outcomes.
Luis C. Gago, M.D.
Cataract & Refractive Specialist
Ophthalmology is constantly on the forefront of advances in medicine, and my goal is to use those advances for the compassionate care of my patients. The ability to interact with people and use technological advances that help benefit their lives is extremely rewarding.
Carmelina M. Gordon, M.D.
Vitreoretinal Specialist
Carmelina Gordon, M.D. is a retina specialist treating Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Detached and Torn Retinas practicing in Jackson and Lansing, Michigan. She has been proudly serving patients at TLC Eyecare & Laser Centers for over 10 years.
Jeffrey S. Katz, M.D.
Cataract Specialist
I had such wonderful experiences with my own childhood physician and watching physicians treat my parents during my young adulthood inspired me to want to emulate them and become a physician.
Kevin T. Lavery, M.D.
Cataract & Refractive Specialist
A recognized leader in glaucoma treatment, cataract surgery, lasik surgery and part of the first team of physicians in Michigan to perform laser cataract surgery with the LenSx femtosecond laser. To Dr. Lavery ophthalmology is a true love and a passion.
Erica A. Person, M.D.
Cataract Specialist
As a Comprehensive Ophthalmologist, I treat a wide variety of diseases and enjoy solving difficult diagnoses. I specialize in complex cataract cases and take advantage of the new technologies to do procedures that were not possible a few years ago.
Sujata S. Purohit, M.D.
Cataract Specialist
My vision is to help my patients achieve their best possible vision. I hope to bring my patients the wealth of advances that are changing the face of eye care today.
Surendar S. Purohit, M.D.
Vitreoretinal Specialist
My practice philosophy revolves entirely around the patient. I believe that every patient should be treated as if they were a family member.
James G. Ravin, M.D.
Cataract Specialist
Procedures Performed:
Cataract Surgery
Glaucoma Treatment
Refractive Cataract Surgery
Refractive Lensectomy
Marcus N. Rhem, M.D.
Cataract & Refractive Specialist
I was drawn to ophthalmology as it allowed me to help patients enormously and have a positive effect on their lives in a very short period of time. I assess ongoing innovations in technology and procedures, because nothing less than the very best will do.
Anthony M. Sensoli, M.D.
Cataract & Refractive Specialist
My goal is to make your visit to our office an enjoyable experience. From the minute you walk in the door, you will be treated with kindness and respect.
Jamie M. Shay, O.D.
Ocular Disease Resident, July 2008 to July 2009
TLC Eyecare & Laser Centers, Jackson, MI
O.D., with honors, Optometry
Michigan College of Optometry, Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI
Clint D. Simpson, M.D.
Cataract Specialist
Voted most compasionate doctor in 2013
Specializing in cataract surgery, glaucoma, and various other eye diseases.
Neal A. Tolchin, M.D.
Cataract Specialist
I became a doctor because I feel that practicing medicine is very rewarding on a personal level. While I enjoy both the surgical and academic aspects of my field, it is my interaction person-to-person that is the most important to me.
RaShawn W. Venerable, D.O.
Cataract & Plastic Specialist
I believe that a physician must not only care about their patients, but must also understand how the dynamics of the relationship between mind, body, spirit and background plays in the health of everyone he treats.
Kevin VandenBosch, O.D.
I pride myself in giving my patients the most well rounded eye exam including answering all of their questions throughout the exam. I take everyday as a challenge to give all of my patients the opportunity to receive the best care possible.